Vivanta By Taj, Panaji

There are hotels, then there is luxury hotels and then there is Vivanta by Taj. Stayed here for two days and two nights during the December holidays of 2012 and boy, it was one awesome experience. The room was very spacious and apart from the huge bed, there was also a seating area near the window which has a nice bird’s eye view of the city.

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The bathroom was very spacious with a beautiful tub. The khakhi colour scheme is also followed in the bathroom and the white ceramic wares are sparkling clean. The bath wears, slippers and towels provided were of excellent quality and felt super comfy.

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Apart from their amazing restaurants that dished out some delicious Goan cuisine dishes, another highlight of this place must be it’s pool at the terrace. It looks amazing and even someone who doesn’t know to swim would be tempted to give it a try.

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Friendly staff, awesome service, cleanest nooks and corners, yumee munchies and surprisingly cheap when compared with other Taj hotels. Loved it a lot and it was worth every penny. Would definitely recommend it !

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