Trisha Illana Nayanthara

Adult comedy is a genre that’s rarely touched by Tamil cinema. Venturing into such an uncharted territory to direct his debut film is a bold move from newcomer Adhik Ravichandran. Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a coming-of-age film with a youthful cast that includes music director turned actor G.V.Prakash, Anandhi, Manisha Yadav, VTV Ganesh and yesteryear heartthrob Simran.

Jeeva (G.V), Ramya (Anandhi) and Aditi (Manisha) who are born on the same day, grow up together as friends. During high school days, Jeeva and Ramya fall for each other but a mistake from Jeeva’s side ends the tie. This leads to Jeeva switching focus to Aditi with whom he maintains a relationship which also leads to an abrupt break up. Grief-stricken, Jeeva travels to Kumbakonam to reach the safe hands of VTV Ganesh who owns a wine shop. With fate playing its twist, Jeeva finds out Ramya to be in the same town as he is. Whether he convinced one among the two ladies to be his partner forms the crux of this film.

G.V.Prakash has matured as an actor which is evident from his delivery of witty dialogues and style. Anandhi’s innocent cute expressions and Manisha’s glamorous attitude add depth to their contradictory characters. Simran has grabbed a short but significant role which she has carried out delightfully. VTV Ganesh sticks to his comfort zone by playing the supporting role for the lead. Cameos from Arya and Priya Anand are appealing. G.V has also composed the peppy and foot tapping songs which is a major strength to the film.

The flashback scenes involving the lead cast members as kids are charming and humorous. Following that is where the director has taken his freedom of this particular genre to another level. Current generation’s portrayal of relationship, lust and issues such as drinking are tackled head on with obscene and profane humor. While some are rib tickling, many are stereotypical, male chauvinistic and even offensive. Although the adult theme of the film restricts it to only a certain group of audience, funny one liner, wacky scenarios and an unpredictable ending make this film an interesting watch.

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