The Moon And Sixpence

Very few restaurants make its way to my wishlist and very few take it’s own sweet time for me to get them ticked off. Though I wanted to strike Moon & Sixpence off my list, a plan never materialized and it took a while to finally make it happen. Their lunch combos were the ones that attracted me and a couple of my food buddies and that’s how we landed at this resto-pub. Given below is my take on The Moon and Sixpence.

The Moon and Sixpence is located in Hablis that’s near the Kathipara junction. Just like any restaurant inside a hotel, they have valet parking service. Located below the terrace, which is occupied by the beautiful Hablife, MASP is an Irish themed pub. What could be a better theme for a watering hole than the one that gives a classic Irish pub feel? Ambience here looks picture perfect. Right from the Irish green look, bar stools, dark wood shelves and dim lighting, they’ve nailed the décor part of it. Air con on the other hand was a bit off the regular levels, which was disturbing.

Watering holes are usually infamous for mediocre food. After all, food isn’t the reason why anyone would come to a pub. With that in mind, resto-pubs across the city have introduced business lunches/power lunch combos to rope in customers during the deserted noon times which is an excellent move. Their plethora of choices, different cuisines available and of course, the fact that a beer can very well be a part of the combo makes these lunches a pretty successful idea. Unfortunately, we got here on the first day of a month and apparently, they had decided to scrap the lunch combo idea right from that date. The lucky we, were left with no choice but to order from the a la carte menu.

By the time I reached, some from the gang were already there and they had ordered a couple of starters and drinks. Some of the items we ordered were a mug of draught which happened to be Kingfisher, a Berry Sweetheart Mocktail, Club Burgers, Homemade Coleslaw, Tuna Melt Sandwich, Texas Cheese fries, Beer Battered Fish n Chips, MASP Stew, MASP Club Burger, Lamb Steak & Mushroom Pie and Tri Beans Cannelloni. The mocktail lacked that punch and was filled to the brim with ice. The block shaped fries were perfect along with the cheese and jalapenos. Coleslaw was pretty decent. Nachos were good and they disappeared in no time. The Tuna Melt sandwich was very OKish. Tri Beans Cannelloni, which was the only decent sounding vegetarian dish, ordered by my veggie pal Arjun Kalia was disappointing. So it was quite an agonizing experience for him. The burger was a pair of it actually and was presented beautifully. Unfortunately the taste didn’t match up to the looks. I got myself a Lamb shank which was served in a stew with breads and a portion of rice. The Lamb Shank was cooked to perfection and was amazing whereas the stew couldn’t match the same. Surprisingly, Sammienatorr, who orders the worst tasting item every time ended up ordering the best dish of the day, the classic Fish and chips. Even more surprisingly, I, who always order the best tasting dish ended up ordering the Lamb Steak & Mushroom Pie. What’s more devastating was the fact that I ordered it for Sukanya Kaur who ended up finishing the Lamb dish and thereby becoming the scapegoat (pun intended). The Fish n Chips were absolutely amazing and all those who tasted it wished that they’d ordered the same too. The pie on the other hand was tightly filled with lamb and mushrooms but was a tad too dry and very bland.

Service was definitely not up to the mark and we had a hard time getting their attention whenever we needed their aid. Including taxes, the total bill amount was 6475rs. If the experience had been a good one, pricing would’ve been perfect. For whatever we had, I guess it’s overpriced and not worth it.

Location:- 4/5
Parking:- 5/5
Reception:- 2/5
Food:- 2/5
Customer Service:- 1.5/5
Ambience:- 4/5
Price:- 2.5/5

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