The Culinairum, Ooty

While driving thru the picturesque roads of Ooty, lunch time left me wondering where I should refuel. A couple of friends and posts in Where Chennai Eats recommended The Culinairum that’s located near Dottabetta. It was raining heavily and the road leading to this eatery has nothing much to offer apart from some stellar views. The Culinairum looked like an oasis in the middle of no where and the subtly done interiors add a touch of grace and class. Don’t even get me started on the view from the restaurant.

I was all by myself but the service staff made up to it with some friendly service. As I weirdly starred at a bowl of Rose Water Apples, they were sweet enough to offer me one.

Thanks to the downpour I badly needed a soup, so I ordered a Shrimp Bisque. With too many options for mains I was lost for choices and went with their recommendation – A Lamb Hotpot. The soup was super soothing and creamy. The seafood flavour was high and it was blissful to say the least. The hotpot, loaded with succulent lamb chucks, was brilliant. The salad which was provided as a side had a splendid raspberry dressing which is easily one of the best I’ve had ever. The two dishes, were priced at Rs. 380 and Rs. 600 respectively. The total along with GST was Rs. 1029. Obviously a bit on the expensive end but it was worth the experience

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