Teppanyaki Delicacies @ Five Sen5es, Westin

After my first visit to Westin a couple of years ago for an event, I had always wanted to check out the restaurants this place has to offer. Luckily, a few months earlier, I had been to Five Sen5es during Restaurant Week India during which I got to try a couple of their Teppanyaki dishes and my all time favorite, Sushi. Post a lovely experience, I had planned on coming back to this restaurant, especially for their splendid Sushi. In a way to prove that their Teppanyaki dishes are as good as their Sushi, I was invited by the management for a tasting session for their current festival.


Chilled Green Tea

Green Tea can’t taste any better. This chilled version with a perfectly spherical ice-cube served on a bed of ice was subtle yet refreshing.

Miso Shiro (Salmon)

A man needs his Miso soup for a man loves em. After trying them about a decade back in a Japanese restaurant, I’ve gone gaga whenever someone says the word ‘Miso’. The delicate yet exquisite flavour of it is something that’s got to be tried. Opted for the non-veg version which had small chunks of salmon and it was love at first slurp.

Chicken Yakitori

Teriyaki chicken with leeks served on skewers. And that’s probably the only sentence cum starter I don’t mind greens in. Always been a fan of teriyaki sauce and it was the first one I dug into.

Garlic Prawns

In my opinion, seafood tastes the best in Asian cuisines and this dish was just another testimony to that statement. Butterflied prawns with a hint of garlicy-ness. Tasted heavenly.


Thin shavings of well cooked beef. Gave the much needed ‘meaty’ feel to the table which was otherwise dominated by soft and melt-in mouth delicacies. Liked it too.


To be frank, the starters filled me up to an extent and I was wondering how I was going to finish the mains. Fortunately, the chef made smaller portions of the dishes which also made it possible for me to try more of them.

Started the mains with Yaki Meshi – Moist fried rice with chicken and veggies. Being a fan of moist fried rice, I just loved this dish. So much that I had it without the sides. As far as the sides were concerned, I got a tenderloin chunk, lamb, chicken and Okonomiyaki. The lamb and chicken were out of this world. They were those classic sides one would love to try with some rice or Yaki Soba. Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake and this variant was stuffed with vegetables. This dish in particular was something new to me and it was quite an interesting one. The tenderloin chunk was succulent and something a meat lover like me would love. It was seasoned with a tad more salt than required but still I enjoyed it.


For dessert it was a simple dish that consisted of pan-seared seasonal fruits with a scoop of ice-cream. The caramelised sugars in the fruits gave it a nice kick which was enjoyable.

Special mention…

Very rarely are accompaniments given their due credit and I felt this place deserved it. Pineapple in chilli vinegar is a snack someone would love to have all day long. The accompanying sauces were great too, especially the one with fish sauce in it.

Not to miss the good old green tea that was something I had to get a second serving of.

Overall, it was yet another amazing experience at one of my favourite pan-Asian restaurants in town. Being a sushi lover, I can’t wait to get back here as they have a killer deal that includes unlimited sushi for a jaw-dropping price that won’t break the bank.

Check out more snaps from the experience below!

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