Starbucks, Alwarpet

Starbucks used to be the breakfast spot for me for quite a while during my time abroad but Starbucks India rarely gives me the same satisfaction their foreign counterparts have given. As a matter of fact, I prefer the cakes and food rather than their coffee which is ironically what they’re famous for. This particular Starbucks in Alwarpet opened recently and we planned on going to another cafe which we thought was open. Since that was closed, we weren’t left with much choices and we landed here. Given below is my review of Starbucks, Alwarpet.

This Starbucks is located on Chamiers road which is known for it’s posh crowd and I guess they couldn’t have gotten a better place than this apart from the malls. I thought they had valet parking which is always a boon but instead they had a person managing it. Considering the small parking space, I was told to park in front of another car which I was later told to move, halfway through my drink, as the car behind me had to leave. Valet parking would actually make a lot of sense in this type of scenario. Ambience is pretty good. It’s got the usual Starbucks theme but the freshness and cleanliness of Starbucks is something I always adore. Service has always been a strong point for Starbucks but I’ve noticed a rather lethargic service in almost all Starbucks here in Chennai. I guess it must be due to rushed up training. Though they were following their protocols, courteousness was rather lacking in their service.

They had a long queue to the ordering section which could’ve been maintained better to regulate the crowd. We ordered an Espresso Macchiato, a Double Chocolate Chip drink. a Red Velvet & Orange Cake and a Chocolate Crunch Cake. Macchiato was very mild and wasn’t up to the likings of my friend. My Double Chocolate Chip drink was pretty decent. It’s coffee free nature is the reason I got it but I guess a coffee based cold drink would’ve been much better. Cakes ended up beingĀ our saving grace. My usual favourite Red Velvet was a bit too dry this time but still we gobbled it happily. Chocolate Crunch was the day’s hero. Super moist and sinfully chocolatey, this cake was just amazing.

Bill total was Rs.931 and considering what we had and the experience, I’m sure it’s not a surprise when I call it a not-so-value-for-money place. Sorting out the parking, tweaking a bit of service and some training on crowd management would do a much needed difference.

Location:- 5/5
Parking:- 3/5
Reception:- 3/5
Food:- 2.5/5
Customer Service:- 2/5
Ambience:- 4/5
Price:- 2/5
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