The moment a golden lion pounces over Roman numerals I, II and sits majestically on top of III in the title card, one would know that unlike Singam 2, Si3 is going to be an even better continuation of Duraisingam’s hunting spree timeline. After a number of postponements in the release date, Suriya – Hari’s hit combo has once again set the screen on fire with Si3. How did the film fare? Read on.

After making his mark in Tamilnadu, the state of Andhra needs our top cop to solve the mystery of a high police official. When Duraisingam gets on with what he does the best, he finds himself in a pit of troubles which is deeper than he previously anticipated. With the bigger picture threatening the country on a whole new level, Singam, as always, will have to save our land single-handedly with bureaucracy, red-tapism and even state border issues weighing him down. How does Singam manage to pull it off once again is the story of Si3.

Without an iota of doubt, it’s Suriya who carries the film on his shoulders from start to finish. The man hasn’t aged a bit and looks fit as a fiddle. The Singam series on the whole has done a good job of being commercial as well as having enough scope for the lead to show his acting prowess and Si3 is no different. Be it the action sequences, the emotional ones or the romantic shots, Suriya is flawless. Probably because of the previous installments, Suriya looks really comfortable in the shoes of Duraisingam and he carries out the role with both style and substance.

Anushka is back to reprise her role as Kavya and fans can breath a sigh of relief as the lead pair are officially married in this part. She has done her job neatly and though her romantic portions with Suriya look forced, it does provide the much needed life into an otherwise fast paced ruthless cat and mouse game. Just like Hansika in the second installment, Shruti Haasan plays a pivotal role in the happenings of this flick. But unlike the former, Shruti has her share of duets and her love track hinders the flow of the film.

After Vivek and Santhanam, Soori does the role of a fellow policeman in this episode and his comedy misses the bullseye by a mile. Instead of evoking laughter, his humor even goes to the extent of annoying the audience. Robo Shankar, on the other hand, has done a decent job and he could’ve pulled off the lead comedian role in a much better fashion. Indian bodybuilding champion Thakur Anoop Singh, who has made our country proud on global stages, debuts to Tamil cinema as the antagonist with Si3. He fits in the role of a relentless business magnate who doesn’t shy away from showing off his wealth and power. While he has to hone his acting talents, his menacing looks and perfect fit in the character does the trick.

The rest of the cast which includes Krish, Imman Annachi, Janaki Sabesh, Nasser, Radha Ravi, Manorama and many more just fill in the scenes with their blink-and-you-miss-it appearances. Radhika Sarathkumar and Nithin Sathya roles on the other hand are given some good weightage. It was touching to see the late veteran, ‘Aachi’ Manorama in her final performance.

Director Hari is visibly at his comfort zone and proves what he is capable off from this zone. Instead of making it an yet another good-wins-over-evil story, Hari has come up with a commendable story-line which has transformed into a good script thanks to his storytelling skills. Dialogues are yet another major plus. Hari’s movies are known for their fast paced screenplay and with V. T. Vijayan and T. S. Jay’s cuts the shots change at break-neck speed. The transition is so rapid that a couple of shots end even before they’re established (and experienced). Incorporating sequences from the previous installments is a nice touch from the director’s end.

Hari’s highly trusted cinematographer Priyan has once again demonstrated why he’s always the numero uno choice for the director. Be it the song sequences or the action shots, he nails it with his frames. The long shots and aerial shots are a treat to watch. Harris Jayaraj’s inclusion to the crew to replace Music Director Devi Sri Prasad has worked in favor of the film as the songs are trendy and catchy. Their misplaced inclusion in the film though doesn’t make them unappealing. They also double as speed-breakers on a rather super-fast screenplay. Background score could’ve been better too. The film also slows down a little in the first half in an attempt to establish the story-line.

Overall, Si3 is yet another power packed package from the Singam franchise that will not disappoint those who loved the previous installments.

My Rating: 3.25/5

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