Sadaf, Muscat

I was at Muscat International airport recently and the foodie in me obviously wanted to try something from the local cuisine. The airport is filled with Costa, other coffee shops and burger joints. There’s even an Indian restaurant but there was only one eatery that looked a little close to what I wanted to try.

The Sadaf restaurant here has a simple but beautiful line up of munches. I opted for a Mutton Curry meal with Biryani and a bottle of fresh Mango juice.

After a short ‘Ek ghaav mey ek kissan rahutha tha’ conversation with the person behind the counter, I got my hands on some hot yummy food. And after having my worst in-flight meal ever, it felt like a blessing in disguise to have some hot and delicious food.

The Mutton curry was lip-smacking and it was so well cooked that a plastic knife was sufficient to cut through them. The rice was mild yet flavourful. Minus the raisin bits in it, I loved it. The mint based yogurt dressing and the fresh salad balanced the hot rice and curry. The mango juice was a stunner.

The meal cost me Omani Rial 4.7 (Rs. 815) but since I paid it in GBP, it was a little more than Rs. 1000. Considering a pathetic coffee was charged at Rs 50 outside Chennai Airport and Rs. 110 for a mediocre tea inside it, this felt like value for money.

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