Ride 1 – Mudaliarkuppam Boat House, East Coast Road

Mister Madras Ride 1

Even though I’ve been riding ever since I learnt to ride my cousin sister’s good ol’ Sunny all those years back, I never knew there was a rider in me waiting to break out. There was always this aspiration to give racing a shot but never in a million years did plain riding ever cross my head. It all happened when I replaced my Yamaha R15 V2 with a Royal Enfield Classic 500 – Squadron Blue. Before I can even say ‘Bullet’, I have signed up for the V11 Intro drive organised by the V11 RERC.


The introductory breakfast ride was quite a simple and straightforward one. It was a trip to the Mudaliarkuppam Boat House followed by a breakfast stop at the Mamalla Beach Resort. The route taken too was pretty uncomplicated.

What’s new

Considering this was our first time, literally every single thing was new. For starters, the bike was new. To make sure this ride happens, I had to get the RE serviced even before it’s first service which is usually done after 500 kms. I knew that this is the ride where I’m going to learn what’s the ‘must haves’ for a rider so I had no shame in standing out as a newbie. Fortunately, thanks to the fact that almost everyone there were new, I wasn’t the ugly duckling. In the name of accessories, I only had my Classic Jet Camo Open Face helmet and my favourite Buff Headgear.

What actually happened…

We started from our start point which happened to be the Velavan Royal Enfield Showroom in Greams Road. After taking the Madhya Kailash route, we connected to the Old Mahabalipuram Road a.k.a. OMR. While the techies of our city were enjoying their pixelated dreams, we raced past OMR towards Mahabs.

Post that we zoomed for a while following which we reached our spot, the Mudaliarkuppam Boat House, East Coast Road.

While we lazed around and settled in the abandoned-ish looking yet functioning boats and blown up banana floats, we were accompanied by a gang of KTM riders and it was a sight to behold.


After spending a while there, we got back on the roads and this time we stopped to capture the moments, the first of many to come.

mister-madras-mudaliarkuppam-15 mister-madras-mudaliarkuppam-11


On the way back, we stopped at Mamalla Beach Resort for a quick breakfast. The decent looking resort was spacious with a not-so-bad spread and obviously, the foodie in me was more than awake to check out what was available. It was also the perfect opportunity to chill with the folks and getting to know each other. After all, what can unite guys more than bikes and a couple of toasts along with omelettes and coffee in a calm early morning.

And that was how our introductory breakfast rolled and post a couple more rides the group has now evolved into a biking family that’s always hungry to conquer more tarmac as we ride over it.

I ended the ride with the same grin as I have right now as I’m typing this down as in both instances, my mind voice goes, “Ithu chumma trailer thaan ma, main picture innimel thaan”. Stay tuned to more posts on our future rides. There’s much more on it’s way, as by the time you’re seeing this, we’ve done 3 more rides.

And this is how I figured out that there’s a rider in me and I’m glad I found him in the time I needed a stress-buster the most. Couldn’t have asked for anything better….

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