With a lot of people going the ‘green’ way and opting healthier foods to improve their diets, these so called healthy foods are improving tastewise to appeal to a wider audience who would need a lot of persuasion to try something new. Who else would need to shift bases to healthier food than foodies and when obviously the facts aren’t going to help, it’s the taste factor that would win their hearts. That’s what I learnt when a couple of my foodie folks and I were invited for a tasting session by Re:store. Given below is my take on Re:store.

Though they are based in Saidapet, we got to try their creations elsewhere. We were served a list of salads and cakes which we tried and this is how they fared.


Thinnai Salad:- Delicate foxtail millets with fresh and crunchy pomegranate seeds, mango, bell peppers and beans. All flavours and textures were present and that too in a pleasing manner, thanks to the well designed dish.


Asian Salad:- Capsicum, cabbage and spring onions add the crunch while the Ragi noodles and pan fried tofu add the required softness to this dish. Add a pair of orange slices and it’s as healthy as it’s colourful.


Mexican Salad:- When they said Mexican, beans was the first thing I imagined and I wasn’t disappointed. Along with beans it also had some peanuts and fresh cut veggies. Thrown in with a dash of its accompanying Chipotle sauce, this is a dish that tantalized my taste buds and it was perfectly delicious.



Almond Cake:- Not being a person who exaggerates, in my opinion, this was one of the best non cream cakes I’ve ever had. Made with a staggering amount of almond meal and just a dash of icing to top the cake, this is something I can have with my daily evening cuppa almost everyday.


Pistachio Cake:- Similar to the above mentioned cake, this too had an iced topping. A bit less sweeter than the almond one, this was the most preferred cake among the two for others but my vote is for almond.


Gluten Free Chocolate Cake:- And who wouldn’t like a guilt free trip to chocolate land? This chocolate cake feels dense but once consumed, it feels as light as a feather. If you’re a fan of the sweetness of a chocolate, you wouldn’t like this much but if you like the actual bitter-sweet taste of it and that too in a way it hits you mildly as you devour it, then this must be your choice.


A point to be noted is that they make their cakes gluten free too if required, making it suitable for almost everyone.

A special mention is needed for their packaging. The cakes are packed in an easy to carry cardboard box with a handle. Keeping environmental friendliness in mind, the salads too are packed in cardboard cases. The dressings for each salad is given separately in a sufficient quantity so the customer can enjoy it without if it needed or add as much as required according to their preference. This also keeps the salads crunchy and fresh till meal time.

The salads are priced between Rs. 250-350 and the cakes go by weight. If watching what’s going inside is as important as the taste of it, Re:store is an excellent choice, not just for health freaks but also for those who want to try something new with a twist.

PS: Thank you Divya for some amazing clicks !!!

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