Puthur Jayaram Mess, Puthur

Mission accomplished – A wise foodie once said, have your expectations for Puthur Jayaram Mess and no matter how high it is, they’ll surpass it.

After a number of failed attempts to check out this place, I finally got my chance to dine here today. En route to Cape Calimere, we made sure we touch this place. Reached here at around 12 and we were among the first customers.

Got their default regular meals with their special prawns and fish fry. Probably one of the yummiest and freshest seafood I’ve tried in a while. If you’re checking this place out, don’t forget to try their curd.

Loved the food and loved those who work here even more. The service was impeccable. They make you eat more even when you’re full. Overall it was a splendid experience.

Meals – Rs. 80
Prawns – Rs. 150
Fish Fry – Rs. 95
Curd – Rs. 20

The total cost for ten people was Rs. 3145.

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