The big daddy of Tamil masala films, Hari, is back with yet another action and drama filled flick. After the phenomenal box office collection of Singam 2, Hari teams up with Vishal who has tasted back to back successes in Pandiya Naadu and Naan Sigappu Manithan. Hari has his own tried and tested method for successful commercial films and he has applied the same formula to Poojai as well. Flying sumos, men running around with sickles, unparalleled
family sentiments and loud dialogues have been synonymous with Hari and he seems to have followed the same trend.

Poojai is the story of the hero who stays away from him rich family thanks to a mistake that he didn’t do. He unintentionally crosses road with the villain who is a contract killer. He ends up protecting his family from the wrath of the baddie.The usual tit for tat between the hero and the villain and whether the good wins over the evil forms the plot.

Hari is known to ensemble a huge line up of cast members and Poojai is no different. Apart from Shruthi Hassan and Soori, we have Sathyaraj, Radhika, Mukesh Tiwari (The corrupt cop in Pokiri), Jayaprakash, Kausalya, Sitara, Thalaivasal Vijay, Aishwarya, Janaki Sabesh, Pandi, Manobala, Prathap Pothen, Sundarrajan, Abhinaya, Imaan Annachi and etc. While they all get just a fraction of screen space, they all have done their roles perfectly.

Vishal plays a tough guy role that fits perfectly to his physique. There is very little chances where he show his acting skills but he does even them with grace. Hari’s films always give enough importance to the heroine’s role and hence Shruthi shares a lot of space along with Vishal throughout the film. Her character gives her the girl next door look. Her acting skills are worth mentioning along with her dancing skills. Soori, along with Pandi and Imaan Annachi provides the humor portions in an otherwise serious plot. While some comedies are worth laughing to, the others just fall flat and aren’t worth remembering. Mukesh Tiwari plays the villain and while he has the looks of the usual kollywood villains, his lip sync and acting aren’t commendable. Radhika and Sathyaraj play significant roles.

The first half is quick and fun when compared to the dragging second half. The songs aren’t catchy and are placed at the wrong places. The fight scenes are pretty good. The screenplay is sharp but could have been made a bit more crisp. The usual, crucial character dies and hero takes revenge makes the climax so predictable. Poojai won’t be one of those Hari classics such as Singam or Saamy but an average grosser like Venghai. Overall, Poojai isn’t a must watch but a worth watching film.

Poojai – Poosari manthiram velai seiyale ! ! !

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