Oru Naal Koothu

Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review

The 100th film of this year is out and its the audaciously taken drama, Oru Naal Koothu. They say marriages are made in heaven but the process of completing one isn’t a walk in the park. Debutante director Nelson Venkatesan has taken this theme and has captured the issues that arise in the name of a pair entering marital bliss.

The film stars Dinesh, Mia George, Nivetha Pethuraj, Riythvika in the lead along with some well performing supporting artists such as Charlie, Ramesh Thilak, Karunakaran and Bala Saravanan. The film is produced by J.Selvakumar under his home banner Kenanya Films who produced Thirudan Police which also had Dinesh as its lead. Justin Prabhakaran has crooned the music for the film.

Dinesh and Mia George are techies working for the same company. They fall in love with each other but various differences makes it difficult for them to convince family members to take their relationship to the next level. Another story line shows Mia George, as an innocent Village girl who is waiting for her prince charming in the form of an arranged marriage for eons. On the other hand, there’s Riythvika, who is also in the same state as Mia but unlike her, she is a city bred woman who is capable of making her own decisions. How their lives converge at a point and if the expectations of theirs is met forms the story of Oru Naal Koothu.

It is quite obvious that the director has spent a good amount of time in etching out his characters. The research he has done is visible and the originality shows that it is based on real life incidents. In the walks of the recently released Iraivi, this film too sort of tries to be women-centric. Mia George and Riythvika steals the show with their splendid performance. Mia, as the suppressed damsel who loses belief in her father to get her married off after a certain point of time has done a good job with her role. Riythvika, as a RJ in a FM Station, carries out her role as a depressed woman in the first half and the turn of events brings out the daring side of her. The transformation has given her great scope to showcase her acting prowess and she has succeeded in it.

With the right looks, debutant actor and Miss India UAE 2015, Nivetha Pethuraj looks convincing as an IT professional. A bit more expressions on close up shots would’ve been better. But its Dinesh who appears to be the misfit in an otherwise well casted flick. He doesn’t seem to fit the bill as a techie guy and the fact that his character doesn’t give him much scope to perform can be labelled as the primary reason.

Apart from Riythvika, it is Ramesh Thilak who has finally nabbed the meatiest role in his career. He’s full of energy and brings in the fun quotient but his quirky hoodies along with his city makeover are rather odd to watch. Karunakaran’s talents haven’t been utilized much but veteran actor Charlie does get us to chuckle at times. The supporting actors along with Balasaravanan also provide the much needed comical relief in between.

The story takes time to develop and asĀ itĀ revolves around three tracks, it does get draggy at times. The film picks pace in the latter part of the second half and the series of interesting twists and turns at the end gives it a convincing finish.

BGM by Justin Prabhakaran is good and tracks such as Adiye Azhage are chartbusters already. Gokul Benoy’s cinematography is impressive and V.J. Sabu Joseph’s editing could’ve been more crisp.

Overall, Oru Naal Koothu is an emotional roller coaster that does a decent job in getting its point across.

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