Mehman Hotel, Shimla

Spent two nights in Shimla at Mehman thanks to Dad’s bank having a tie up with the hotel for all its employees. They have actually got a property a minute walk away from the hotel itself and rubbish isn’t the word to describe this property.
They were poorly maintained, the geysers were old fashioned and took ages to heat up. The bathroom wasn’t clean, the tv didn’t work in both the rooms we took. The bed sheets were soiled and dirty.

On the brighter side the staffs were really helpful. The manager Mr.Vicky was actually pretty cool enough to help us plan our trip further and rented us his car along with a driver. A special mention has to be given to Mr. Ajay, who was the caretaker of our property. Even though there was little he could possibly do to cover up the negative points he was awesome enough to help us in all aspects. The food was pretty good and they came relatively faster when compared with others hotels. The view from the property is pretty breath taking.

I’m not sure if normal public also get to use the property that we used or if they are limited to the main building itself, which I know very little about. But it definitely looked better than where we lived. Wouldn’t go there again nor would I recommend it.

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