Meesaya Murukku

With a few biggies releasing this Friday, the choice for the audience is finally a plenty after quite a while. I honestly didn’t have many expectations when I sat down to watch the press show of Meesaya Murukku, Hiphop Tamizha Aadhi’s acting and directorial debut. That’s probably the reason the film pleasantly shocked me.

The film captures the life of a regular guy who finished school and enters an engineering college. There’s the usual gang of friends who help him with love and help us with humour, there are the dreaded seniors who rag for the sake of it and of course, there’s love too. But that’s where the similarities stop. Meesaya Murukku is fresh in its approach to a rather simple story of how an underdog faces embarrassments, failures, and pain to rise to the top at the end. The film can part be called as Aadhi’s biography and his narration of the path he walked through has been given in the most entertaining way possible.

Meesaya Murukku works thanks to its simplicity and the fact that audience can connect with it on a personal level. The scenes are convincing and people will find more than one scene relatable which will definitely put a smile on their face. The cast is almost new sans the veteran comedian Vivekh who has played the role of an adorable father. The lead pair Aadhi and Aathmika look good and even though the chemistry between them fails to click, the scenes are convincing. Aathmika is a good find to Tamil cinema and with the added advantage of being a pucca Tamil ponnu, she’s got everything that takes to make it big. The captain of the ship Aadhi has done an excellent job as a director and things can’t get any better for a debutant. Though the songs he uses in the film are predominantly his old compositions that made him what he is today, they’re still enjoyable. They’re actually even better than the new songs he has composed for this film in particular. But the actor in him needs to do more as he fails to emote in crucial sequences. He makes up to it with the mass appeal which ends usually with a cool twirl of his mustache.

The supporting cast is a huge pillar of support for the film and knowing the pulse of the youth and also knowing that he alone cannot share the burden, Aadhi has got in a horde of YouTube stars we know and love. The jokes are enjoyable and will surely make you giggle many times. And making use of this opportunity, the young cast and crew have given their best to make their mark.

The film does have its share of drawbacks too. Songs are aplenty and after the first few, the rest start disrupting the film’s flow. In a rather fast paced screenplay, there are a few scenes that hinder it. Cinematography could’ve been better despite the fact that the script as such doesn’t give much scope for it.

Overall, Meesaya Murukku is a dream debut that will definitely entertain you and make it worth the ticket price (plus GST). And oh, don’t miss the post credit scene 🙂

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My rating: 3.5/5

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