What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. That’s something we’ve all heard of. But not many of us realise that what goes on the internet once, can’t be taken down. While many of us scout through thousands of porn videos, never would have we thought about whether the people in those videos know that their video is out there on the net to be preyed by a million eyes. Lens is a film that will make us think that.

The story revolves predominantly around Aravind, a porn addict who hides under a boy-next-door image and Yohan, a man whose got nothing to lose. The two meet in no time and what happens between them is the story of Lens. The premise is simple and straightforward. Considering this and the film’s run time of less than 2 hours including intermission, revealing even a single frame could dampen your experience of watching it on the big screens. Long story short, the film is a textbook example to affirm that we’re being watched all the time and privacy is a luxury that we assume we have.

With only a handful of characters, director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, who is also playing the lead role, has created a film that’s real, gritty and hard hitting. As the film was made in English for the film festivals, the lip-sync issue is apparent and after a while it gets pretty easier to predict on where the film is leading. But still the screenplay is framed in such a way that you wouldn’t want to move your eyes away from the screen. Considering the content, the director has known where to draw a line between vulgarity and art and has neatly put across his vision without making it look indecent. At the same time, considering the story-line, Lens isn’t a film that could be watched as a family but can be termed as a watchable film for youngsters and tech-savvy folks. The film is a yet another good product from the stables of director Vetrimaaran’s home banner who distributed this flick.

Overall, Lens is a honest film that can be watched for its daring take on an issue that’s rarely spoken.

My Rating: 3.5/5


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