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Dhanush is back once again this year after his Thodari with Director Durai Senthilkumar’s Kodi. Produced by ace Director Vetrimaaran, the film stars Dhanush in dual roles for the first time.

Karunas, a loyal member of S.A. Chandrasekhar’s political party, sacrifices himself to bolster the principles laid by his leader. One of his two sons, Kodi (Dhanush), who witnesses this, picks up the mantle and renounces his life for the party and thereby grows up the ladder as years pass. His twin Anbu (Dhanush once again), who detests politics, leads a humble life as a college professor. Kodi’s lady love, Rudhra (Trisha), is also someone who has advanced herself to the top in the opposite party which happens to be the one ruling the state. Though they keep their personal lives aside from their professional ones, considering the nature of politics, they project themselves as adversaries.

Meanwhile, a love track blooms between Anbu and Malathi (Anupama Parameswaran), who owns a hatchery. When a problem erupts for the people of their land, Kodi tries to settle things which leads him to figure out the dirty side of politics and how low some can get to reach the top. What happens when a politician, who aspires to do good for his folks, face those who would go to any lengths for money and power, and if the sibling duo can stop the threat from destroying the livelihood of common masses forms the story of Kodi.

Dhanush steals the show with his performance and the born actor in him beautifully shows the distinctions between the two brothers. Be it the dynamic Kodi or the subtle Anbu, both the characters will win our hearts. In a never before seen role, Trisha has delivered a decent performance which could’ve been better. Shown as a stunning orator, her act doesn’t do much justice to the powerful dialogues nor the character itself. The Premam girl Anupama Parameswaran, who’s making her debut in Tamil with Kodi looks lively and her silly antics don’t give us a ‘been there, seen that’ feel. The Anupama – Dhanush pairing works perfectly thanks to the freshness they offer.

Saranya Ponvannan, who has patented the sweet mother of the lead character, once again does a marvelous job. ‘Ilayathalapathy’ Vijay’s father and veteran Director, S.A. Chandrasekhar carries out his role as an experienced party leader like a walk in the park. Karunas, who appears for just a couple of minutes, makes his mark. After Maari, Kaali Venkat has once again starred alongside Dhanush and his role of a faithful comrade is commendable. Singamuthu, Namo Narayana and others have done the needful.

Santhosh Narayanan, the musician of the moment, has composed for a Dhanush starrer for the first time. Though his ‘Ei Suzhali’ is a soothing number, the rest of the songs and BGM could’ve been better. The same can be said for Venkatesh S’s Camera works too. Prakash Mabbu’s cuts are sharp where they need to be.

Director Durai Senthilkumar shines as a Screenplay writer too. Though the film takes a while to set the ball rolling, there wasn’t any drag or hiccups of any sort. While the games of politics and love portions fill the first half, the social issues take the front seat post interval which leads to a racy finish. It’s apparent that extra care was taken to make sure no sensitive issues are dealt with, thanks to a political backdrop. Even with a couple of flaws, Kodi delivers the basics for a successful commercial flick, thereby making it a film that’s definitely worth watching.

Overall, Kodi – will fly high!

Rating:- 3/5

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