Hotel Junior Kuppanna, Royapettah

Hotel Junior Kuppanna is on a roll right now. It feels like it’s just been a while back when their first branch opened. Now, as of Jan 2k16, they have 9 branches in Chennai. That is an example of phenomenal growth. Back to the review, a couple of friends and I decided to hit Jr. Kuppanna’s latest branch in Royapettah and we had quite a good time. Given below is my take on it.

Hotel Junior Kuppanna, Royapettah is located right opposite to the car parking entrance of Sathyam cinemas. Though this is a one way road, it’s very busy almost all day and finding a parking spot here is next to impossibility. Fortunately they have valet parking service. Though we found those guys to be a bit lethargic, they got the job done. Ambience wise, it’s a typical S.Indian joint without much to write on. Service is pretty good. They were serving us on peak lunch time. Yet the ones who served us were composed and friendly.


I was a bit late, well actually a bit too late and the guys have already tried a couple of starters. All I had was a small portion of left over biriyani, a meals and a kalaki. Seeraga samba rice is used in this biriyani. It was very OKish in taste but the meat in it was excellent. Jr. Kuppanna gets it’s meat from the deep interiors of Tamilnadu and hence the meat’s superb quality. The only regret was the fact that the biriyani couldn’t do justice to this meat. Meals was decent. It’s the usual rice with a portion of greens, chicken gravy, mutton gravy, fish gravy and a masala egg. Fish gravy is usually good in Jr. Kuppanna and this place wasn’t different. ┬áThe rest of the gravies weren’t that great. My favourite in all Jr. Kuppanna is their kalaki and no way was I gonna finish a meal without it. It was perfectly made with that right consistency I love it to be in.


Before I dropped by, my gang already enjoyed a Chicken 65, a mutton fry, naadu chicken fry, biriyani and a couple of kalakis. They said the 65 was the usual while mutton was good. All this together costed Rs.1428. If the taste part of it was a bit more better, I’d consider it to be value for money food.


Location:- 4/5
Parking:- 4/5
Reception:- 3/5
Food:- 3/5
Customer Service:- 3.5/5
Ambience:- 3/5
Price:- 3.5/5

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