Hotel Ariyaas, Trichy

Hotel Ariyaas @ Trichy highway. This hotel is the equivalent of Saravana stores here. There is a branch every few kilometers. After a friend’s friend’s sister’s wedding whom I don’t even know, we started back to city and on the way we stopped here for breakfast.

IMG_20150515_111452 IMG_20150515_111550 IMG_20150515_112249

Signage every five kms to show how far the nearest eatery is, Huge parking space, Decent ambience and pretty decent food. Got a couple of dosas and oothapams. Best part was the number of chutneys. About 6 different sides for dosa apart from sambar. On the downside service was mediocre and price is on the heavier side of the scale.

IMG_20150515_114100 IMG_20150515_114306

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