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When I tried Cleo’s a couple of months back for the first time, I had a not so great experience. Then I had the opportunity to try this place in it’s full glory recently with a couple of friends and I realised how much has changed and what all their real best dishes are. In short, I got to know about their idea behind this restaurant and what all are their specialities. Given below are the dishes we tried and how they faired.


Grilled Bell Pepper Soup:- There was a veg and a sea food variant. Obviously I went with the non veg one. Chargrilled bell peppers with seafood and cream was really amazing.


Crunchy Noodle Salad:- This fried noodles with veggies was crunchy and tangy. Quite a good salad.


Crazy Frog:- Blue curacao and orange served in a salt rimmed glass, this drink was pretty good.

Pomogingy Fizz:- As the name suggests, it’s a mix of pomegranate juice and ginger. Didn’t like it much.

Bovonto Float:- A drink can’t get better than this. My favourite aerated beverage with a dollop of Vanilla ice cream, was such an amazing drink that me and a friend of mine dunked in quite a few of them.


Fiery Paneer Kebab:- Perfectly made paneer chunks with an overdose of spiciness. Could’ve been better.

Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms:- Cheese filled crumb fried mushrooms which went really well with the dip.

Cleos Grilled Paneer:- This tangier cousin to the one above, wasn’t much overpowering with flavour making it perfect.

Pathrani Basa:- Grilled after being wrapped in banana leaves, this dish wasn’t that appealing and basa fish couldn’t do the trick that a seafood is meant to do.

Harissa Grilled Prawns:- One of the best starters of the day, the prawns were perfectly cooked and tasted delicious.

Spicy Curried Fish:- Tangy tasting non veg dishes always wins me, so this one was a winner too.

Wild Wings:- Wings is definitely a favourite for all who love chicken. Served here are some delicious, juicy, full sized wings that are simply lip smacking.

Chicken Picante:- Probably the star among starters, this spicy and sweet sauce based chicken dish was absolutely amazing.

Fiery Murgh Kebab:- Unlike the paneer version, this one was perfectly spiced and tasted good.

Cuban Grilled Chicken:- This place just nails the chicken dishes I guess. Juicy and tender, the Cuban Grilled Chicken gets a thumbs up.

Mutton Falafel:- I’m personally not a fan of falafel, so didn’t try it. Those who did, loved it.

Lamb Yakitori:- This soy based dish was a bit too rear for me. Wasn’t a big fan of this dish either.

Panko Beef:- Any meat cooked in Panko is a delicacy on it’s own. Loved this dish for it’s crispy yet tender meat.


For mains we had an assortment of Indian breads and Zafrani Pulao which went really well with the gravies, that included Paneer Tikka Masala, Murgh Tikka Masala, Dal Makhni and Lal Mass. The Tikka Masala was perfect with the breads and Zafrani pulao was mild yet flavourful. Lal Mass which is made of Mutton in a spicy gravy went well with the pulao.


Desserts were a solid collection that had Chocolate Mousse, Mango Cheesecake and Nutella Banana Pancakes. Chocolate mousse had the perfect consistency and tasted yum. Mango Cheesecake was pretty good too. I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a Philly cheesecake. Not even major dessert parlours use Philadelphia Cheese so that shows their quality. Nutella Banana Pancake was soft and warm. It tasted decent. Gajjar Halwa that was given at the end wasn’t that great. I stuck to my Bovonto float that was kept on being refilled. So no complaints from the sweet tooth in me.

Overall, it was quite an experience. I got to know what they specialise in and the story behind those dishes thanks to a chat with chef. I’ll definitely be back and it’ll be a place I recommend too.

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