Christopher Koetke at Ottimo Cucina Italiana

My friend and I got an invite for an event at ITC Grand Chola. It was to meet and witness the man in action, Christopher Koetke. Christopher is the vice president of the Kendall College School of Culinary Arts which is a well known institution in the U.S of A. It was quite an honour to see him interact with us and dish out some best foods.

Event at ITC

This event saw a number of food bloggers, food enthusiasts and of course, even a couple of chefs. Christopher showed us some basic skills one needs to have to be successful in a kitchen and went on to show us some complex ones such as filleting a fish. His main motive was to show that nothing goes to waste in a kitchen and even the items we throw out as trash can have something in it that makes a beautiful dish. After rolling the salmon fillet with herb filling and throwing it into the oven, he made a sausage from leftover salmon meat and cream. His speed with his cooking along with his positive attitude sure did fill the room with a positive vibe.




We got to try his creation and it was nothing short of amazement for us. Salmon’s freshness was so apparent and it tasted beautiful. The sausage’s consistency was spot on and the veggies added colour and flavour to the dish. We also got to try a couple of other dishes as we interacted with Christopher. We had a Q and A session where he answered all the quirky, silly and quite a few interesting questions calmly. It was a lovely meet and it was definitely a pleasure to meet someone who cooks as good as they speak.

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