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As a student who tried to save as many pennies as he can, crepe used to be a delicious life saver for me. Apart from being pocket friendly, it was delicious and most importantly, filled my tummy for hours together. It was nostalgic and a faint smile escaped my lips when I got a call inviting me to try out the Canadian Crepe Company, along with my foodie buddies. Given below is my take on this new crepe bar.

Location & Parking

Canadian Crepe Company is located in Greams Road. It’s in the street opposite to Sea Shell and this is the road that leads to Plan B. Considering that Greams Road has become a part of those areas with numerous eat outs, it’s not surprising to see yet another eatery here. Also the fact that there are many offices nearby helps them. The road is pretty narrow but that doesn’t mean driving a car through is tough. The parking, on the other hand, might be. Bike parking is aplenty as there is enough space at the shop’s frontage.


The place is considerably small but that hasn’t stopped them from making it look neat. Seating looks perfect and doesn’t look overcrowded or underused in any way. A square shelf contains a number of books and furniture looks uncomfortable but is actually better than what I expected it to be. An open kitchen is always a plus point. Their lighted logo adorns a wall at the far end of the eatery.


Food & Beverages

Before we were served a plethora of crepes, we were given a glimpse of their drinks collection which looked good. By the time I had a chat with the in-charge, my dear friends almost finished all the drinks that were available. But me, being me, made sure I at least had a sip of each drink so that I can get the best one for myself. A great info I got to know was that they use honey and yogurt instead of sugar and milk for their shakes. This explains how thick the shakes are and I’m not kidding when I say they were so thick that straws weren’t of much help.

  • ATF – Ironically named after a cocktail that expands as Alaskan Thunder F*ck, the similarities stop with just the name. This is rather a much mellowed down version with oatmeal, flake seeds, almond, dates, honey, berries and banana. Not sure if all the goodies added made me a not so great fan of it or if it was genuinely not up to the mark is anyone’s guess.
  • The King Smoothie – Not much can go wrong when the king of fruits is involved in it. Mango, almond, banana and mint make this drink which tasted great as well as gave that ‘feel good’ vibe thanks to the nutritious ingredients used.
  • Ruby Red – With almost everything red, this drink has strawberry, watermelon, rasberry, vanilla and almond. Easily one of the best drinks of the day.
  • Choco Mint – Said to be the best drink by almost all, its no secret what this consists. The marriage between chocolate and mint is a match made in heaven and it was a drink that I couldn’t have enough of, like literally.
  • Cappuccino – Two reasons for getting a good ol cuppa. One was that the drinks I was eyeing for were ordered by others and I always like my crepe with a nice hot caffeine shot and hence I wanted to see how good their coffee was. Though I’m not a coffee connoisseur to smell the beans and grade them, taste-wise, I liked it.


Some dishes are hard to categorise and the Devil shake is one of them. A mammoth chocolate shake topped with cream, sprinkles and eclair sponge. Though it is a visually spectacular drink, once we get a taste of it, it’s just another over-hyped drink that barely matches our expectations.

As far as the crepes are concerned, they’ve categorised it into three seections. Savoury crepe for those who prefer a meal, Flavours of India to give that ‘Desi’ touch and finally, the Classicals, which has the sweet ones, the way they’re meant to be had.


  • Le Frenche Gruyere – Starting with undoubtedly the best one we had, the name pretty much gives out what this dish is all about. Cheese, cheese and some extra cheese and oh, a bit of other stuffs to make sure its not called just cheese. Mushroom and corn to be precise. The corn gave the crunchiness, mushrooms the mushiness and the cheese…. cheesiness? But as a whole it was amazing.
  • Mexican Delight – When French crepes can make it to Chennai, why can’t they stop for transit in Mexico? With salsa, sour cream and veggies, this dish had the right texture and taste. We all gave the same feedback that the dish would be more Mexican-ised with some red kidney beans.
  • Italian Job – Finally something close to home base for the crepes. Sun blushed tomatoes and pesto, how can it go wrong? Add a bit of olives, mushroom and goat cheese, we have an entire Italian meal on a crepe.
  • The American – The American is supposed to be having mash potatoes but we were given cubed ones. Apart from that the taste was alright.
  • Pattaya To Phuket – This time it’s Asian. With spicy tofu, pakchi (Thai coriander), peanuts and coconut cream, they’ve tried to offer Thai cuisine in one dish. They’ve managed it pretty well.



  • Wrap Chick Mumbai – Imagine a Bombay toast minus the bread, that’s what this dish is about. Green chutney, masala potato and cheese does make it feel like a masala dosa even though u try to convince yourself that it’s not. Wasn’t a big fan of this dish.
  • Dhak Dhak Dilli – Paneer bhurji in a crepe. Loved the paneer bhurji and the chilling khatta meetha dahi makes it a lip-smacking dish.
  • The Madras Crepe – Ah, the good ol Madras. Who would’ve thought that mixing gun powder and mayo could be something so delicious. With potatoes and this mayo, the dish bridges the gap between crepes and its Indian equivalent. The overpowering coconut flavor made me wonder if it’s a dish to represent Madras or Kerala but other than that it was a good dish.


  • Cinnamon Butter Sugar – A classic combination which would make any dessert even more spectacular. This basic crepe has its own set of fans and I’m one of them.
  • Nutella & Banana – Crepe and Nutella goes hand in hand such as pizza and cheese. Irrespective of what you’re going to add, this is as simple yet delicious as it can get.
  • Apple Crepe – Probably a crepe that’s not as simplified as the others we tried and it is evident from the awesome taste of it. Caramelised apple slices, with cinnamon and sugar gives it the taste of a classic apple pie and its a dessert lovers dream come true.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience at Canadian Crepe Company. It feels good to know that there’s finally a creperia in town and they don’t do just the classics. I’ll definitely be coming back again and hopefully, at least the next time, I get to try the drinks too.

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