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Brew Room has always been one of the very few premium cafes of our town that dishes out some seriously good beverages, cakes and finger food. Unsurprisingly, it’s also one of my favourites, especially, the one in Hotel Savera which is a spot I frequent at least once a fortnight. If that branch is known for it’s elegant crowd and it’s share of hustling and bustling, the one in Besant Nagar is known for it’s serenity and a sense of desolation. They’ve opened their latest branch in ECR, a stretch of land that deserved a decent cafe for years now. A couple of foodie friends and I were invited for their Pizza fest (yes, I guess this is probably the only Brew Room with a stone baked oven) and this review is based on the experience.

Location & Ambience

The ECR branch of Brew Room is located in Uthandi, right before the Uthandi toll booth. Brew Room shares it’s space with The Farmhouse Restaurant (Click here to read a review on The Farmhouse). There is ample car parking space which is manned by a security guard. Brew Room is right next to the car parking. Their signature white canopies and furniture is something hard to miss as it forms the integral part of their outdoor seating. Once inside, they’ve maintained the same theme with large glass walls overlooking the view outside on one side along with the usual white walls on the other. Dark wooden furniture compliments the frosty colour schemed theme. The walls are covered with blackboards that’s got the chalk works of different coffee brewing methods and their selection of coffee creations. Overall, the ambience is laid-back and placid making it perfect for those romantic long drive getaways.

Food & Beverages

Brew Room specialises in having a good collection of hot and cold beverages along with some really good finger foods. Throw a stone baked oven for pizzas, they have probably one of the best menus in town for a cafe.

Brew Room East Coast Road ECR Drinks Beverages

Before the pizzas arrived, we got a couple of drinks and a cake so that we can settle down and catch up with past stories. I got myself a humble Cappuccino while my friends ordered a cold Hazelnut Coffee  and Cold coffee. They loved their drinks. My cuppa was perfect too. The Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake was lip-smackingly delicious.

Pizzas Brew Room ECR East Coast Road

After getting done with our drinks and small talks, the heroes of the show, the pizzas started arriving. We also got to try the Sandwich Pizzas (Calzones).


  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza: The classic BBQ chicken, perfectly marinated to give that smoky twist. The thin crust pizza and the succulent chicken pieces are a perfect match.
  • Roasted Chicken Pizza: Yet another classic and a pizza that’ll never go out of fashion. Tossed with some peppers and olives, the roasted chicken pizza tasted as good as it looked.
  • Mexicano Pizza: This veg pizza with onions, sweet corn and kidney beans made it look more like a burrito made in a pizza. Though the idea is great, tastewise, we weren’t impressed.
  • Formaggio Pizza: Undoubtedly, the best vegetarian pizza without any veggies in them, this is the four cheese pizza. The sizzling cheesiness on top with a perfectly cooked base makes it the best pizza of the day.
  • Popeye Pizza: With pesto and other veggies, the aptly named Popeye is the example of a perfect vegetarian pizza. With tomatoes and cheese for company, the pesto does wonders when it comes to taste.
  • Buddha Garden: This divinely named creation is actually a Vegan pizza. I’ve heard of it’s variations but I finally got to try one for the first time. In simpler terms, the cheese layer is excluded and a dollop of guacamole is used. Though a bit dry, I found it to be pretty good. Might not be something everyone would prefer but it’s definitely a dish that would cheer up a Vegan.

Sandwich Pizzas

Almost similar to Calzones, the Sandwich Pizza is exactly what it sounds like, a pizza with another layer of bread on top. Our first batch was a bit burnt and we requested another set and this time they were perfect. Neither were they over cooked, nor did we find it to be dry. We tried Chicken Tikka, Roast Chicken and Veg Delight sandwich pizzas and they were really good.

Service was super friendly and courteous. Some items took a while to reach our table owing to other occupants but the person who served us did his best to serve us as soon as he could and that too with a smile on his face. We had the chance to speak to one of the managing partners who took our feedbacks positively and even rectified a few issues that we had with certain pizzas. The sense of our criticism taken seriously is the most satisfactory feel a reviewer can have and in that way, they won our hearts.

East Coast Road very badly needed a cafe thanks to the damage done by some chains of coffee shops. As a person who loves long drives and goes through the ECR frequently, Brew Room is a blessing and I’m glad that I know where my next pit stop is when I go through that road.

Location:- 5/5
Parking:- 4.5/5
Reception:- 4/5
Food:- 3.5/5
Customer Service:- 3.5/5
Ambience:- 4/5

Click here to read this review from a vegetarian’s point of view penned by my friend Sanky.

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