Bombay Brasserie

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Area:- Adyar
Cost for two:- ₹1,500
Cuisine:- North Indian

At times I fascinate myself by not reviewing a place that I’ve been to almost half a dozen times and the latest to join that list is Bombay Brasserie. Of course, I often visit their Nungambakkam branch owing to the distance from my house but the Adyar branch is the one I frequented more in recent times. I was invited recently by the mgmt to check out their new menu and ironically, I was at BB just a month before this particular visit. This time though, it wasn’t sticking to my usual shormas, curries and rotis.

Location & Parking

The Adyar branch of Bombay Brasserie is located at Gandhinagar main road, right below Adyar bridge’s end. Thankfully, they’ve got valet parking facility as there isn’t much space in the building for parking, though the space below the bridge offers enough spots.


Walking into BB felt like moving into another dimension. The ambience and decor is top notch. BB is easily one of the most splendidly done decors I’ve ever seen. It’s so simple yet elegant and tastefully created. As it’s a house converted into a restaurant, rooms work as partitions giving a semi-privacy feel. The huge glass wall with natural lighting is a wonderful idea. See-thru kitchen area is also a nice touch. The opulent turquoise tiles, the decor items ranging from wall hangings to showcases were all exquisite.


I’ve mentioned my favourites in the Zomato page of Bombay Brasserie, so I’ll stick to the new dishes alone in this post.

Jaipur Gulabo Mocktail

The name says it all. This rose flavoured drink served in a 20cl bottle, is accompanied by a handful of sev and puffed rice mixture. Along with a liberal portion of puffed sago, it was quite a refreshing drink.

The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri

Can there be a better start to a North Indian meal without some crunchy papads? The 6 Chutney Papad Tokri is an assortment of papads made from Potatoes, Urad lentils and Sago served with a range of chutneys. I personally loved the sago version sprinked with a little pinch of chilli powder.

Kashmiri Naan Kebab

Kashmir style kebabs are in a league of its own and this humongous mutton minced seekh lived up to that reputation. This utterly delicious kebab was served in a saffron brushed naan along with doon chetin – a walnut and yogurt based dip iconic to the Northern most state of our country. Loved this one!

Paneer Panch Mirch

Panch Mirch = Five chilli blend and that’s exactly what this super soft chunks of paneer were marinated in. Served with green chutney, the paneers were so good that it didn’t actually need a dip.

Salli Chicken

Oh, this was something I tried for the first time here. It’s a tangy chicken curry topped with fried potato sticks and it’s apparently a classic Parsi dish. I’m not a fan of crispy food, especially when the cuisine I opt for is Indian, so I dunked them in the curry to make them soggy which worked. Along with roti, the potato and chicken was brilliant.

Coast to Coast Chicken

Made with their inhouse Malwani Masala, this Chicken curry is a concoction of 30 spices. Served with mixed seed roti, this is a dish packed with flavours.

Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry 

This was meant to be a vegetarian dish but owing to the number of carnivores in the table, we requested this to be made with chicken. But to be honest, we didn’t really enjoy this Mumbai based gravy made with over 20 spices. The reason? The accompanying coconut milk infused fragrant rice steamed in tender banana leaves. The rice was so rich and scrumptious that we ended up getting another portion of the rice alone and we loved it. It’s easily the dish of the day!

Chur Chur Paratha

Crispy and flaky, the Chur Chur Paratha is a North Indian version of the Poricha Barotta that’s famous in Central Tamil Nadu. It was rather too crispy for me but with the curries, it was quite a different dish.

Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich

This is exactly what I’d call childhood in a sugar coated plate. Ice-cream sandwich is easily one of the best memories any 90s kid would have and this one is a trio — made from Jim-Jam, Nice, and Bourbon biscuits. It’s sure to give you a brain freeze and warm feels at the same time. 

Grandma’s Choco Treat

If comfort food can ever be a dessert then it’s Grandma’s Choco Treat. Inspired by grannies iconic parathas made with sugar, this one is filled with chocolate and hazelnut spread. It also has a secret sauce drizzling which you really won’t pick your brains over considering how yummy this dessert is.

On the whole, the latest items to join the already stupendous Bombay Brasserie menu are a lip-smacking addition which is sure to make picking a dish tougher. The iconic dishes of this restaurant that have gotten itself a fan following, such as the Almond Soup, Galawati Kebab and many more dishes are still in the new menu, so that’s a major relief too 🙂 !

Address:Villa 77, 1st Main Road, Gandhinagar, Adyar, Chennai
Telephone:044 24917887
12:00 PM-11:30 PM

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