Bay View – Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove

Things can’t get better than this. Bay View in Vivanta is a slice of Venice in the shores of Mahabs. Instead of losing myself to the nature or establishing eye contact to the girl of my dreams, I was stuck here with a couple of friends out of which almost everyone wanted to drink and not eat. So after sending the pack to Anchor Bar, two of my friends and I decided to get done with our dinner. That’s how we reached Bay View and given below is my take based on our experience.

Bay View is located in Vivanta by Taj Fisherman’s Cove. Because of the ECR road extension, the huge boarding that runs over the main road has been taken down which made it quite hard to spot Fisherman’s Cove. Thanks to a quick search in Google maps, we were able to pin point the location correctly. As it’s a five star hotel, they’ve got the parking sorted out. I personally love Fisherman’s Cove for it’s spacious and serene ambience. Not many know that it’s actually an 18th century castle built by the Dutch. Of course, a seaside castle would be everyone’s dream. Anyways, as we were super late Bay View was the only restaurant open but we weren’t complaining. Bay View, true to it’s name is right next to the beach. At around 11 in the night, the spot was very placid and calm. Apart from the cold breeze and the sound of waves crashing on the rocks, it was a peaceful set up. We sat below an open thatch shack with candle light filling our table space.

We got a Shrimp Miso soup by two which was very warm and soothing, just the way I love it. One of my friend got a plate of Jerk Chicken which was juicy chicken breasts with jerk seasoning. It was delicious. Another friend ordered a Panko fried Fish and Chips. Flawlessly cooked fish with a crunchy panko outer skin makes it a must have dish here. Fries with Ranch dip was really good too. I personally loved the way they served lemon wedge encased within a thin cloth to make sure the seeds doesn’t fall off when squeezed. For my dinner, I opted for a Grilled Tenderloin in roasted garlic sauce and asked for it to be cooked medium well. I must say, they nailed the steak. It was cooked to perfection and tasted delightful.  Coupled with some warm roasted veggies, what I had was a wholesome meal.

Service was excellent but we did have some trouble in trying to get the attention of waiters when we wanted them for something as basic as filling our water glasses. But nevertheless, the staffs were super friendly. They were sweet enough to wait till we were done even though it was past their closing time. The above mentioned items together costed Rs. 2947 including taxes. It’s not surprising to find the bill amount to be high in a star hotel as all that matters is the quality, in which case they’ve done really well. Considering the ambience and candle light setting, Bay View is definitely one of the best spots to take your loved ones and enjoy the view along with some beautiful dishes they serve. The extravagant price tag is definitely worth it.

Location:- 5/5
Parking:- 5/5
Reception:- 4.5/5
Food:- 4/5
Customer Service:- 4/5
Ambience:- 5/5
Price:- 3.5/5

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