What happens when a hero tries to captivate his recent string of successes and a director desperately needs a hit to set things straight? Anegan is the answer. K.V.Anand collaborating with Dhanush for the first time, made a few heads turn and therefore made it one of the films to ‘look out for’ this year.

The cast includes Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Aishwarya Devan, Jagan, Thalaivasal Vijay, Ashish Vidyarthi and last but certainly not the least, Karthik who has made a stellar comeback. K.V.Anand joins hands with the terrific duo, Subha for screenplay and dialogues. The Cinematography is by Om Prakash, whose last big project was Aarambam and Anthony dealt with the editing. Music, which was the biggest plus for this film was from Harris Jayaraj.

Anegan is the story of a person’s different personas/personalities that goes past the realms of realities. Dhanush and Amyra works for a game developing company owned by Karthik. Amyra’s vision of her and Dhanush in various time eras and situations leads to the discovery of dark and hidden secrets. Were they true or were they mere illusions forms the crux of the story.

Dhanush has matured so much as an actor that he emotes and performs in scenes even where there aren’t much scope. Doing it without crossing the border of over-acting is something he has mastered in. Though there isn’t much space for heroism, his intro in different characters is sure to thrill his fans. Danga Maari song itself stands as a testimony to it. If one hasn’t seen the Hindi film Isaaq, Amyra will easily get etched in our thoughts as a homely yet good looking character. She is easily one of the best finds for Tamil cinema in the recent times thanks to her smiles, attractive facial features and of course, her acting skills. Karthik is back on screen after a few not-worth-remembering-films in the last few years and though there wasn’t much screen space for him sans the climax, he has done it neatly. Other have done their jobs perfectly.

The plus points are Dhanush’s screen presence, Amyra’s acting prowess, the sharp screenplay, axing the unwanted fight scene and the verbal standoff between Dhanush and Karthik. Harris Jayaraj seems to be back on track after the successful album of Yennai Arindhaal. Almost all the tracks in this film are between the good and hummable scale. K.V’s ability over finding exotic locations for songs has worked out for this film as well. The arts dept needs a special mention, especially in creating the different period looks.

On the other end, it’s pretty easy to keep foreseeing the scenes to follow. Moreover, considering K.V’s usual style of making the most lead role’s trusted person as the antagonist, it’s a no brainer on who the villain is. Some songs seem to dampen the story flow. And speaking about the story, if looked in detail, there seems to be a few unanswered questions and dead ends. Jagan could have been given more screen space on the lines of K.V’s previous Ayan and Ko. BGM is in no way on par with the film’s tracks.

Overall, Anegan is a cocktail of sci-fi, fiction and quite a few genres with a lot of commercial bits to pamper all masses.


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