About Me



I’m a Biological Scientist and an International Business grad by degree, a foodie from day one, a film fanatic since censor certificates included my age group, a traveller from the time I learnt walking and a writer ever since I figured out what pencils do. From being a helping hand to 5 star hotel chefs, washing dishes, serving food, cleaning crockeries and learning the tricks of the trade in the name of part time jobs in the evenings, to learning how Salmonella, Listeria and E.Coli ruin food in the name of Microbiology in the mornings, it’s no surprise on where I got my love for food from. With an experience of two years in the food industry apart from the three years as a learner, I’ve spent my time during my tenure in London, UK, discovering the foodie in me.

Thanks to student discounts and other possibilities (read as torrents), watching films became my most favourite hobby and I’m one of those people who’d watch a good film even if it’s not in a language I’d understand. Back home, I put those thoughts to words and I’m now an avid food and film reviewer. I write for several food and travel websites and also used to pen the food and film reviews for the monthly magazine, Provoke. I’m also the co-admin of ‘Where Chennai Eats‘, the largest food based Facebook group in South India.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this space to be informative.

Happy Eating !!!

Gopinath Rajendran