Aachi Chettinadu Mess, Ramanathapuram

Yet another town, yet another hunt. This time it’s Ramanathapuram aka Ramnad. The locals vouched for this place called Aachi Chettinadu Mess so I had to check this out.

The tagline said ‘This is our home’ and the Han Solo in me muttered the words “We’re home Chewie”.

We were four in number and we opted for the regular meals and a Kadai biriyani. Side dishes, as always, were the specialty. Ordered Thala curry, Chicken 65, Mutton Chops, Prawn 65 and a portion of fish fry. As we were a bit late, we weren’t able to try the gravy based side dishes.

Biriyani surpassed my expectations even though those expectations were very low owing to previous experiences. The meals along with the regular gravies were a decent affair. Prawn 65 was lip smacking. Loved the fresh flavor of the prawns. Chicken 65 was good too. Thala curry was excellent. Mutton chops were cooked to perfection and tasted divine. Usually in such hunts, one item would be messed up and this time it was the fish fry. Probably it was a bit too fresh as the smell was a tad too strong to ignore and devour.

All together it cost us Rs. 970 and for the quantity and taste they provide, this is value for money in my books. You know you’ve eaten well when your bill needs an extra sheet.

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